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Many local parents have spoken to me recently about changes to their catchment area with the State Government's recent decision to make Parramatta High School a selective school.

Families often make major life decisions based on the schools in their area, like moving homes or buying a car. In some cases, parents might want their children to go to the same school.

And as a dad to 3 young kids, I know how difficult these changes can be.

While this is a State Government issue and I cannot change this decision, I want to help you voice your concerns and advocate on your behalf.

That is why I have created this Parramatta High School Catchment Petition.

I will write a letter to the relevant decision makers in the State Government and high school alongside a copy of this petition.

If you want your concerns to be raised, please fill out the form on this webpage. Don't forget to share it with other concerned parents.